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Core Stability Splint

Core Stability Splints are prescribed for higher functioning patients with core weakness, postural instability and reduced sensory awareness. These splints provide improved posture, control and stability to the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdles and are designed to improve specific skills for each individual client.

Core Stability Splints are designed to improve or maintain:

  • Sitting skills - towards a higher level of independence, endurance and concurrent arm and hand use
  • Upper limb skills - for self care, school tasks, play and access to technology
  • Standing skills - both independent and assisted
  • Stepping or mobility skills - both independent and when using a mobility aid
  • Ability to transfer from sitting to standing - both independent and assisted

Design options available include:

  • Closed pubis with zip access for toileting and nappy changing
  • Shaped pouch to ensure comfort and ease of access for PEG site, baclofen pump, deep brain stimulator, tracheotomy, ileostomy, colostomy
  • Customised zip design for catheter use, chronic reflux

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our Core Stability Splints.

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