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External Fixator Management

The Second Skin team prescribe, design and manufacture compression garments for the post-surgical management of external fixators and associated free tissue flaps and skin grafting.

Garments are commonly fitted for upper and lower limb external fixators approximately 7 - 14 days post surgery, following referral from treating Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and therapy teams. Each garment is individually designed to allow ease of donning and optimal clearance around each pin-site for dressings as required.

Zip access is individually prescribed to allow regular flap or graft observations and dressing changes by nursing staff.

External fixator garments assist with pain, scarring and oedema management and flap reshaping. Clients and therapists report improvements in standing and walking tolerance with garment wear. Second Skin garments protect and support the flap area and assist in re-shaping the flap area post surgery.

Please contact us if we can assist in prescribing a compression garment for external fixator management

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