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Fabric Options

All Second Skin splints are made from a range of medical grade Lycra fabrics.
Several high quality, durable medical grade Lycra fabrics are incorporated in our splint designs, to address the individual needs of each client.

Powernet Fabrics

For compression garments, powernet is an open weave fabric which is prescribed for healed skin and for areas where additional support and compression is required. This fabric is particularly durable in work, school or outdoor activities. Powernet is often used in burns scar management and lymphoedema.

For Dynamic Splinting, powernet fabric is used to provide postural control and positioning to specific joints and body surfaces, where greater stability is required. This fabric breathes well and has a long life expectancy, for use over areas at greater risk of wear and tear throughout the life of the splint.

Our Powernet fabric now incorporates patented cooling properties, HeiQ Smart Temp, which provides outstanding thermal comfort to clients by keeping them cooler and dryer while wearing their garment. Powernet fabric is available in a light tan, dark tan and black.

Powersoft Fabrics

Powersoft is a softer, more breathable, moisture wicking fabric used for compression garments. Powersoft is prescribed for more fragile skin following burns and skin grafting. This revolutionary fabric is comprised of our well-known Powernet technology plus an XTRA_DRY® component which absorbs the moisture and perspiration produced during garment wear, and transports it to the exterior of the garment, where it can evaporate. This fabric therefore allows for quick drying, improved breathability, and is softer and more comfortable against the skin. Properties of moisture transport and comfort are permanent and inherent to the fibre, and do not diminish with laundering.

Powersoft fabric is available in dark tan and black.

Shimmer Fabrics

For compression  garments, shimmer is a closed weave fabric which provides a softer interface with the skin. Shimmer fabric contours well and is comfortable and effective over joint surfaces and areas of skin fragility such as the elbow, ankle and knee. Shimmer fabric is used for early burns and flap management, external fixators, vascular conditions and certain types of lymphoedema.

For Dynamic Splinting, shimmer fabric is used to address posture and positioning, tonal management and joint stability. Shimmer fabric contours well to the body surface and has a life expectancy which allows our splints to be worn consistently throughout each patient's daily routine.

Shimmer fabric is available in light tan, dark tan and black.

Hydrophobic Fabrics

Hydrophobic fabric is used as both a lining and a base fabric in Second Skin splints and compression garments. This fabric wicks perspiration away from the surface of the skin to evaporate, protecting the skin surface and ensuring optimal comfort.

Our hydrophobic fabric has a proven and exclusive antimicrobial agent, PurThread®, embedded within the matrix of the fabric, unlike other comparative fabrics which are surface treated only.

This fabric ensures our products are breathable and comfortable all year round. Due to this innovation, our garments are frequently prescribed to assist with the management of repeated skin breakdown and fragility.

Hydrophobic fabric is available in light tan, dark tan and black.

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