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Lower Body

Tights and Panty Girdles

Second Skin custom made tights or panty girdles are worn as a consequence of burns, traumatic injuries, lymphoedema, venous insufficiency, amputations and chronic oedema of the lower trunk, genital area and lower limbs.

Second Skin offers a full range of design options for tights and panty girdles with above knee, ankle length, or full length (including feet), as required.

Prescription Options

Leg: Two Leg

Leg: Panty Girdle

Leg: 1 & 1/2 Leg

Pubis: Open

Pubis: Closed

Pubis: Fly Front

Knee Gusset: Side view

Knee Gusset: Front view

Knee Gusset: Posterior

Ankle Gusset: Dorsal

Ankle Gusset: Centre front vertical seam

Ankle Gusset: Standard

Toe: Closed

Toe: Japanese

Toe: Foot Glove

Leather Sole

Zip: Curved lateral side into foot

Zip: Straight posterior to lateral ankle

Zip: Posterior to medial ankle

Zip: Waist to thigh

Dressing Assist: Leather zip assist

Dressing Assist: Zip tab & leather zip assist

Dressing Assist: Zip looper

Dressing Assist: Soft braces & velcro closure

Dressing Assist: Soft braces & velcro closure

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