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Tailored Arm Splints

Tailored Arm Splints improve the resting and working posture of the upper arm, elbow and forearm and are designed to target specific goals for each client. 

Tailored Arm Splints include an attached shoulder girdle section to support the shoulder girdle and improve shoulder/arm reach and arm performance in specific tasks.

Splinting goals depend on the client's level of active arm use, tonal presentation, shoulder joint subluxation (dislocation), sensory status, dominant pattern of movement, passive and active range of motion and arm control.

Tailored Arm Splints are designed to:

  • Assist in reducing shoulder discomfort and pain
  • Improve or maintain:
    • Shoulder posture and positioning
    • Elbow range of motion
    • Forearm range of motion
    • Elbow crease skin integrity
    • Arm reach skills
    • Forearm approach in specific tasks, with a subsequent impact on arm and hand skills
    • Arm posture in mobility, with a subsequent impact on balance, postural symmetry of shoulder girdle and trunk, and gait (walking) pattern
    • Specific arm and hand skills such as wheelchair driving, access to technology, self care skills, desk top skills at school or work, sporting skills etc
    • Heighten sensory awareness
    • Dampen the impact of involuntary movement on task performance

Design options include:

  • Individual elbow shaping and directional line of pull targeting specific movement patterns and elbow/forearm position
  • Additional fused foam sections for improved skin contact and enhanced postural stability where prescribed
  • Zip access individually prescribed to allow ease application by family/carers or client where possible
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and growth

 Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our Tailored Arm Splints.

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