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Upper Body


Second Skin custom made Vests are worn as a consequence of burns, traumatic injuries, or chronic oedema of the upper trunk, shoulder girdles and/or arms.

Second Skin offers a range of design options for Vests with long and/or short sleeve lengths, or a sleeveless design.

Prescription Options

Vest: Princess Line (long sleeve)

Vest: Stove Pipe Collar (short sleeve)

Vest: Bra Cups (athletic top)

Vest: Bra Cups (sports bra)

Zips - Sleeve: upper arm - neckline to elbow

Zips - Sleeve: neckline to wrist

Zips - Sleeve: mid dorsal forearm

Zips: Centre front

Zips: Tab over shoulder zip

Zips: Centre back

Gussets: Elbow flexion

Gussets: Axilla

Gussets: Elbow - Shimmer anterior & Powernet posterior

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