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Whole Body

All-In-One (combined Vest & Tights, Vest & Panty Girdle)

Second Skin manufacture All-In-One compression garments for burns and traumatic injuries and for chronic oedema management where required. A Vest and Tights, or Vest and Panty Girdle combination, can be designed in an All-In-One style. We offer a full range of design options with short and/or long sleeve and leg lengths as required.

All-In-One garments ensure absolute wearer comfort and clinical effectiveness by anchoring the garments in place throughout the client's full daily routine. This design proves especially comfortable for children and adults whose size, body shape and active routine makes it difficult for separate tights or vests to stay anchored in place.

Please contact us about our All-In-One Garments.

Prescription Options

Two Leg

1 1/2 leg

Pubis: Open

Pubis: Closed

Pubis: Fly Front

Leg Length: Above Knee

Leg Length: Including Feet

Knee Gussets: Knee Flexion Gusset (side view)

Knee Gussets: Knee Flexion Gusset (front view)

Knee Gussets: Posterior Knee Gusset

Ankle Gussets: Standard Ankle Seam

Ankle Gussets: Dorsal Ankle Gusset

Ankle Gussets: Centre Front Vertical Seam

Toes: Closed

Toes: Japanese Toe

Toes: Foot Glove

Leather Sole

Zips: Straight Medial to Ankle

Zips: Straight Lateral to Ankle

Zips: Curved Medial into Foot

Zips: Curved Lateral into Foot

Upper Body Style: With Sleeves

Upper Body Style: Without Sleeves

Upper Body Style: Stove-Pipe Collar

Upper Body Style: Bra Cups

Upper Body Style: Princess Line

Upper Body Style: Athletic Top

Sleeve Length: Short to elbow

Sleeve Length: Long to wrist

Sleeve Length: No sleeves

Gussets: Axilla Gussets

Gussets: Elbow Flexion Gusset

Upper Body: Zips: Front

Upper Body: Zips: Back

Upper Body: Zips: Sleeve - Upper Arm (next to above elbow)

Upper Body: Zips: Sleeve - Shoulder Point to Wrist

Upper Body: Zips: Mid Dorsal Forearm

Dressing Assists: Leather Assist Tab

Dressing Assists: Zip Tab and Leather Zip Assist

Dressing Assists: Zip Looper

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