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Dynamic Foot Splints

Dynamic Foot Splints are designed to improve posture, control and movement patterns of the ankle, foot and toes. They are prescribed for clients who are walking or those who are wheelchair bound, depending on the goals being targeted. Dynamic Foot Splints can be prescribed to be worn with an existing ankle foot orthosis (AFO) or orthotic device where appropriate.

Dynamic Foot Splints are designed to:

  • Improve or assist to maintain:
    • Gait (walking) pattern and stability
    • Weight-take and balance in walking
    • Tolerance to footwear
    • Skin integrity and hygiene
    • Endurance in mobility
  • Heighten sensory awareness
  • Reduce:
    • Discomfort and pain
    • Toe clawing in footwear
    • Oedema (swelling)
  • Support distal vascular supply

Design options include:

  • Specific toe combinations to target individual issues of increased tone, toe discomfort, foot placement and positioning
  • Dressing 'assist tabs' for ease of application
  • Shaped sections to accommodate fragile or painful joints and areas of bony prominence

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