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Dynamic Hand Splints

Dynamic Hand Splints are individually designed to improve posture and stability of the wrist, thumb and fingers. 

Dynamic Hand Splints are designed to:

  • Improve or maintain:
    • Range of motion to soft tissue lengths
    • Gross grasp / release skills
    • Sustained grasp skills and grasp strength
    • Dexterity
    • Hand awareness
  • Dampen the impact of involuntary movement
  • Develop or maintain hand skills for specific functional goals such as:
    • Wheelchair driving
    • Access to technology
    • Self care skills
    • Desk top skills at school
    • Sporting skills
  • Reduce pain and discomfort

Design options include:

  • Flexible boning for wrist support and stability where appropriate
  • Individual thumb designs targeting each specific thumb joint position.
  • Additional fused foam sections for thumb and wrist support where prescribed
  • Suede leather on palm, thumb and fingers to enhance grasp and prevent slipping when grasping
  • Sailcloth protection to limit impact on skin integrity of self harm/self biting behaviour, and to lengthen the life of the splint in these circumstances
  • Zip access individually prescribed to allow ease of application by family/carers or client where possible

A combination of both hand and arm splints are frequently prescribed for children and adults. Targeting their whole upper limb will impact most successfully on the outcome of their splinting programme. This is the case for the majority of children and adults with hemiplegia. This splinting programme involves two separate splints which are recommended to be worn simultaneously.

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